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Systematic review and meta-analysis

This trial is included in the following systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

cardiovascular prevention - cholesterol lowering intervention - all chronical situations

heart failure - cholesterol lowering intervention - all type of patients

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     Krum study, 2007 TRC7339 
    download pdf: rosuvastatin | cholesterol lowering intervention for cardiovascular prevention


    Studied treatment rosuvastatine 40mg/d
    Control treatment placebo


    Patients patients with systolic (LVEF<40%) CHF of ischemic or nonischemic etiology

    Method and design

    Randomized effectives 40 / 46 (studied vs. control)
    Design Parallel groups
    Blinding double blind
    Follow-up duration 6 months
    Number of centre 21
    Geographic area Australia
    Primary endpoint LVEF by radionuclide ventriculogram


    Endpoint Studied treat.
    Control treat.
    Graph RR [95% CI]

    All cause death

    2 / 40
    3 / 46
    classic 0,77 [0,13;4,36]
    0 2 1.0

    Relative risks
    Endpoint Events (%) Relative Risk 95% CI Endpoint definition
    in the trial
    Studied treat. Control treat.
    All cause death 2 / 40 (5,0%) 3 / 46 (6,5%) 0,77 [0,13;4,36]  
    The primary endpoint (if exists) appears in blod characters
    Reference(s) used for data extraction:
  • 0:

  • Endpoint studied treat. control treat. mean diff

    Absolute risk reduction (for a follow-up of 6 months)
    Endpoint Events rate Absolute risk
    reduction (ARR)
    Studied treat. Control treat.
    All cause death 5,00% 6,52% -1,52%

    Meta-analysis of all similar trials:

    cholesterol lowering intervention in cardiovascular prevention for all chronical situations

    cholesterol lowering intervention in heart failure for all type of patients


    TrialResults-center ID TRC7339
    Trials register # NA
    • Krum H, Ashton E, Reid C, Kalff V, Rogers J, Amarena J, Singh B, Tonkin A. Double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study of high-dose HMG CoA reductase inhibitor therapy on ventricular remodeling, pro-inflammatory cytokines and neurohormonal parameters in patients with chronic systolic heart failure.. J Card Fail 2007;13:1-7
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