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Searchable knowledge base of clinical trials results

Browse pathologies - treatments


Find evidence about treatment benefit

TrialResults-center is an innovative knowledge database that collects the results of randomized clinical trials and provides dynamic interactive systematic reviews and meta-analysis


Immediate access

TrialResults-center is the first resource to provide immediate access to clinical trials results

TrialResults-center saves you time by identifying the randomized clinical trials and providing rigorous assessment and results synthesis that show the key findings and the clinical impact of these trials.

Landscape clinical trials

The TrialResults-center Database provides a unique view of the treatment efficacy based on all data provided directly from landscape clinical trial results, offering a valuable alternative to personal bibliographic search, published meta-analysis, etc.

Save time

The number of clinical trials published each year continues to grow, making it unwieldy and time-consuming to stay on top of advances, especially those in adjacent fields.

Valuable information

TrialResults-center can streamline the process of researching facts about treatment efficacy, finding completed and ongoing clinical trials, and accessing the latest information on treatment efficacy.