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Hypertension clinical trials - Results and meta-analysis

Randomized clinical trials are available for the following class of treatment and clinical condition (type of patients).

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anti hypertensive agent:

- elderly (60 years and more)    pdf

- diabetic patients    pdf

- all type of patient    pdf

- very ederly (80 and more)    pdf

- nephropathy    pdf

- post stroke    pdf

- patients undergoing dialysis    pdf

- patients with treatment-resistant hypertension    pdf

- subjects with pre-hypertension    pdf

angiotensin-receptor blockers:

- all diseases requiring ACEi (HF, CHD, HT,...)    pdf

renin inhibitor :

- all type of patients    pdf

- diabetic patients    pdf


- all type of patients    pdf

- diabetic patients    pdf

- non diabetic patients    pdf

antiplatelets drug:

- all type of patients    pdf

cholesterol lowering intervention:

- all type of patients    pdf

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hypertension-related, calcium regulated gene protein, rat, HAP protein, human, plasma 4.5 protein, human, hypertension associated protein, human

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