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Coronary artery disease clinical trials - Results and meta-analysis

Randomized clinical trials are available for the following class of treatment and clinical condition (type of patients).

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myocardial revascularization:

- all type of patient    pdf

- diabetic patients    pdf

- multivessels disease    pdf

- single vessel disease    pdf

Drug eluting stent:

- all type of patients    pdf

- diabetic patients    pdf

- acute myocardial infarction    pdf

- long or complex lesion    pdf

- bypass graft lesion    pdf

- in stent restenosis    pdf

- unprotected left main artery stenosis    pdf

- bifurcation lesion    pdf

- unparticular patients    pdf

- total occlusion    pdf

- small vessels    pdf

- patients with unprotected left main stenosis    pdf

transmyocardial revacularization:

- all type of patients    pdf

cell-based therapies :

- untractable angina    pdf

- all type of patients    pdf

anti-anginal drugs:

- all type of patients    pdf

- hemodialysis patients    pdf

death and events prevention:

- all type of patients    pdf

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