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This trial is included in the following systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

atrial fibrillation - antithrombotics - secondary prevention of thromboembolic events  

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    RE-LY 150mg subgroup study,


    Studied treatment dabigatran 150mg daily
    Control treatment warfarin


    Patients patients with a prior stroke or transient ischemic attack

    Method and design

    Randomized effectives NA / NA (studied vs. control)
    Design Parallel groups
    Blinding open
    Follow-up duration 2 y
    Remarks sub group ( 20% of the overall study population in RE-LY)


    Endpoint Studied treat.
    Control treat.
    Graph RR [95% CI]

    thrombo-embolic event (cerebral or systemic)

    NA / -9
    NA / -9
    0,76 [0,53;1,09]

    TE event or ischemic stroke or systemic embolism

    NA / -9
    NA / -9
    0,76 [0,53;1,09]

    Haemmorhagic stroke

    NA / -9
    NA / -9
    0,27 [0,10;0,72]

    intracranial hemorrhage

    NA / -9
    NA / -9
    0,41 [0,21;0,80]
    0 2 1.0

    Relative risks
    Endpoint Events (%) Relative Risk 95% CI Endpoint definition
    in the trial
    Studied treat. Control treat.
    The primary endpoint (if exists) appears in blod characters
    Reference(s) used for data extraction:

    Endpoint studied treat. control treat. mean diff

    Absolute risk reduction
    Endpoint Events rate Absolute risk
    reduction (ARR)
    Studied treat. Control treat.


    Trials register # NA
    • 1.Diener HC, Connolly S, Ezekowitz MD, et al.. Dabigatran compared to warfarin in patients with atrial fibrillation and prior TIA or stroke: Results of RE-LY. American Stroke Association International Stroke Conference 2010; February 26, 2010; San Antonio, TX. Abstract 195
      Pubmed | Hubmed | Fulltext

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