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Systematic review and meta-analysis

This trial is included in the following systematic reviews and meta-analyses:

post acute coronary syndromes - antithrombotics - all type of patients

post myocardial infarction - antithrombotics - all type of patients

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REDEEM, 2009 - dabigatran vs placebo

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    REDEEM study, 2009

    [NCT00621855] unpublished (or not yet fully published) trial Facebook    pdf : dabigatran - antithrombotics for post acute coronary syndromes


    Studied treatment dabigatran 4 dosages (50mg twice daily, 75mg twice daily, 110mg twice daily, 150mg twice daily)
    Control treatment placebo
    Concomittant treatment aspirin and clopidogrel
    Remarks 5 arms: dabigatran 50 mg twice daily (n=372), 75 mg twice daily (n=371), 110 mg twice daily (n=411), 150 mg twice daily (n=351), or placebo (n=373)


    Patients patients with recent acute coronary syndromes (ST- or non-ST-elevation myocardical infarction)
    Baseline characteristics
    Age (yr) 72 y 
    Female (%) 24 

    Method and design

    Randomized effectives 1501 / 373 (studied vs. control)
    Design Parallel groups
    Blinding double blind
    Follow-up duration 6 months
    Primary endpoint Major and minor bleeding


    No results available for this trial - unpublished or not fully published trial

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    Trials register # NCT00621855

    unpublished (or not yet fully published) trial

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