@prefix rdfs: . @prefix foaf: . @prefix owl: . @prefix vocabProperty: . @prefix drugbank: . @prefix dbpedia: . @prefix map: . @prefix rdf: . @prefix trc: . 2637spc+SPORTIF III, 2003spc+ trc:studiedTreatment "ximelagatran 36 mg twice daily"; 18,Persistent or paroxysmal AF verified by at least 2 ECG,One or more stroke risk factors in addition to AF(hypertension,age>75,previous stroke TIA or systemic embolism,left ventricular dysfunction,age>65+coronary artery disease,age >65+diabete mellitus)]]> 1704 1703 Parallel groups aug 2000-sept 2001 Open 17.4 months 4.1% All stroke or systemic embolismyes 5 259 europe,asia,australasia 3 atrial fibrillation antithrombotics primary prevention of thromboembolic events atrial fibrillation direct antithrombins all type of patients atrial fibrillation new oral anticoagulants all type of patients NMA Bayer new oral anticoagulants all types of patients NMA BMS apixaban Afib new oral anticoagulants ARISTOFLE NMA Bayer new oral anticoagulants rivaroxaban vs dabigatran atrial fibrillation NMA Bayer NMA BMS apixaban Afib antithrombotics direct antithrombins new oral anticoagulants primary prevention of thromboembolic events All type of patient