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Clinical trials of vitamin E (vitamin e) and the meta-analysis of their results are available for the following clinical conditions:

Cardiovascular prevention

all type of patients in the overview of all antioxydants for cardiovascular prevention

vitamin E vs control :  GISSI ,1999  -  PPP ,2001  - 
vitamin E vs placebo :  Linxian ,1993  -  WHS vitamin E ,2005  -  CHAOS ,1996  -  SECURE ,2001  -  ATBC vitamin E ,1994  -  AREDS ,2001  -  PHS II vitamin E ,2008  -  MASI ,2000  -  HOPE ,2000  -  WACS vitamin E ,2007  -  ASAP ,2000  - 

secondary prevention in the overview of all antioxydants for cardiovascular prevention

vitamin E vs control :  GISSI ,1999  - 
vitamin E vs placebo :  HOPE ,2000  -  HOPE renal insufficiency subgroup ,2004  -  SECURE ,2001  -  CHAOS ,1996  -  WACS vitamin E ,2007  -  SPACE ,2000  -  ATBC 2nd prev subgroup (vitamin E) ,1998  - 

primary prevention in the overview of all antioxydants for cardiovascular prevention

vitamin E vs control :  PPP ,2001  - 
vitamin E vs placebo :  AREDS ,2001  -  WHS vitamin E ,2005  -  ATBC vitamin E ,1994  -  PHS II vitamin E ,2008  -  Linxian ,1993  - 

patients with renal disease in the overview of all antioxydants for cardiovascular prevention

vitamin E vs placebo :  HOPE renal insufficiency subgroup ,2004  -  SPACE ,2000  - 

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